You yourself, deserve your love and affection as much as anybody in the entire universe.

prettywildhealthy's philosophy

Never miss breakfast.
Smile at strangers.
Eat vegetables to nourish your body.
Eat ice cream to nourish your soul.
Befriend your enemies.
Live in the moment.
Appreciate your imperfections.

Don't chase perfect,
Perfect is untouchable.
Chase dreams.

love is the movement

Love is a powerful force of nature. In order to harness its energy, you must first cultivate love of self. Only then will you be able to love and be loved.

"…I was not myself for weeks yet nobody noticed. "

— Elena Gilbert (via camoxytocin)

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"If opening your eyes, or getting out of bed, or holding a spoon, or combing your hair is the daunting Mount Everest you climb today, that is okay. "

— Carmen Ambrosio (via jesusfuckmechrist)

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Seas and greetings from Rockport, MA 


Seas and greetings from Rockport, MA 

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Girls who say they only get along with guys

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